Ramipril :: Dry Mouth And Difficulty In Swallowing ?

May 21, 2009

I've been taking ramipril now for 9 years with no significant side effects, but lately I've developed a dry mouth and difficulty in swallowing. I've had various blood tests which have all been ok. Could Ramipril cause this condition after so many years ?

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Tuberculosis? Difficulty Swallowing , Difficulty Breathing

tuberculosis..? difficulty swallowing , difficulty breathing, cough out blood, dark-brown phlegm, cough doesn't go and mucus, weight loss,tired always......

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Worms? Difficulty Swallowing And Something Moving In Stomach

I am currently feeling a weird tingling throughout my body, mostly at the top of my stomach. It feels like something moving! it sometimes gives me nipping almost biting pains.I also have got a feeling that something is currently latched onto the back of my throat that I can not wash away or get rid of, it has been like this for the last 24 hours. Call me crazy but I feel that I can pull it back down into my stomach ( but something is still latched to my throat). After not concentrating on this I then get a bit lump at the back of my throat. I am almost Gipping with how close it is to my mouth.

After a lot of playing with my throat, swallowing I managed to "pull" one down into my stomach.I can now feel this moving around again, it feels like it is trying to get back up and at times nips. Swallowing is still hard and I just feel sick. Could you please tell me what you think it could be?

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Oesophageal Achalasia / Spasm :: Swallowing Difficulty

God this is really getting me down, to point I have been wondering if I am ever going to eat again and I am frightening myself with the thoughts I am having.

I just cannot swallow solid foods, it started 4 weeks ago. i was happily eating some chicken and all of a sudden my throat 'closed' and I choked. I managed to cough it back up and carried on eating after.

Next day, for love nor money could I swallow, each time I tried i choked.

4 weeks later and I still keep trying the odd bit of food here and there and it just won't go down.

I have had an endoscope - that was a highly unpleasant experience but it found nothing. I was told to go home and eat and to stop being so stressed.

I have been to seen a sports therapist and she has found that I have very very tight neck and jaw muscles. But it still feels like food won't go down, although I did feel better once I had seen her.

Trying to get another appointment with the doctor is like golddust.

I am normally a fit and healthy 37yr old woman, mum of three. I love my food and I want to eat. Thing is, this has gone on so long now I have gone past being hungry. I think this is probably a bit phycological now as well but the tightening really does happen.

The back of my neck, round to the front and up under the jaw is so tight.

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Difficulty Swallowing And Breathing, Weight Loss, Cough Out Blood

Are these symptoms of throat cancer? please help! have difficulty swallowing, difficulty breathing, weight loss,cough out blood , have dark-brown mucus, been smoking for years....

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Ramipril :: Palpitations, Difficulty Breathing

My wife was prescribed 10 milligrams/day dose of ramipril and nearly passed out in town, palpitations, difficulty breathing and pain in the chest. She was admitted to hospital with a view that she might have had a heart attack. They put a camera up her femoral artery but her heart was clear, no problems.

her blood pressure was 90 over 45. we stopped her taking the Ramipril and all her symptoms disappeared. It was as if the tablets were producing the palpitations and the chest pains which she was taking more and more tablets for.

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Ramipril :: Dizziness, Dry Mouth, Incessant Thirst

I have been a nurse for over 30 year, i have never realized ramipril could and has such a dramatic effect on a person,i.e. severe fatigue,very severe dizziness, dry mouth, incessant thirst, loss of appetite due to nausea,i feel hopeless as i can and do normally be able to help, but the worst of it is despite going from 2.5mg to 5mg things are going from bad to worse? i am at a loss how to help,the blood pressure is still way to high,he is on his 3rd week of medication.

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Bendroflumethiazide To Ramipril - Dry Mouth, Cough And Legs Cramp

I have been taken off the bendroflumethiazide and put onto Ramipril. This is the third day and even though I am no longer totally fatigued as I was with the bendro, I am experiencing very dry mouth, Cough, cramp in lower legs, heartburn sensation in chest. Not due to see my GP for 3 more weeks. Hopefully will settle down

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Hyperthyroidism :: Ears Pop When Swallowing

i was diagnosed with hyperthyroid 6 weeks ago, started taking metoprolol 25mg twice a day... on the 4th day i noticed my ears were popping every time i swallowed... and have been ever since.  went to ENT today and had a scope done of nose and throat w/everything fine... anyone else had this type of issue?  

I finally see specialist tomorrow and hope to get on meds... i have tremors all over body, anxiety, fatigue, high heart rate (120 at times)

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ENT :: Fear Of Choking / Swallowing

I'm a 21 year old girl who is scared of choking on food and swallowing do you know anyone who went through this problem it's been now since April I had this problem I was at my parents house eating meat and I didn't realize that I have let the peace of meat pass it got stuck on my throat for at least 5 seconds and finally let it down with soda after that it was a week ago that I couldn't swallow my saliva and yes it was really scary at that time that same night I got an anxiety attack so I went to the emergency room so I didn't left till 5 in the morning all they did was give me something to swallow the liquid but doctors couldn't find anything in my throat and since then I lost so much weight that I didn't expect I'm halfway skinny now but this has been the worst experience I had ever have in my life and idk if my life could be normal again all I ate was sweet food and liquids cause it will get food and since than I don't remember having a good full meal like pizza or burgers ever again it ruined my life but after that months went by it got better I was eating food again and than it happen again I don't know how much longer this will last I want to feel normal and a have a normal life again I keep thinking to myself that my food will get stuck again or choke to death and I don't want that no more please help or any medications I can take to solve this problem I don't want my husband to get mad at me by not eating all day and yes my life has changed ever since that happen and I sometimes I cry because of it and most of all I don't wanna get sick from it someone should give me an advice or any medication I can take to take away my fear and I do believe I do have something in my throat doctors don't check me well please help?

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Throat :: Trouble Breathing And Swallowing

i have trouble breathing and swallowing well just swallowing can anybody help me figure out whats wrong?

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Thyroid Disorders :: Nodule Affecting Swallowing

I've been very disturbed and anxious with the condition of my wife. She's 24, gave birth to our first born 3 mos. ago, 4'9 in height and about 136 lbs. A month ago we noticed a lump at the right site of her neck just about half an inch from her adam's apple. The we decided to consult to an internist and instructed to do a thyroid ultrasound immediately. The result says that there is a small nodule in the right side of her thyroid gland, "a cyst" but her endocrinologist says that all his patients with the same diagnosis didn't have cancerous ones. My wife was given oral medications for about 3 months, one I can recall is the Levothyroxine.

Despite the doctor's calmness and no sense of urgency I can't help but to worry about my wife's condition. She finds it difficult to swallow food and sometimes feel little aching on that part of her neck.

I've always thought that eastern medical practices (here in the Philippines) are different from that in the west. And if I am right I'd like to consult here with somebody who can give us some advice on what to do/eat naturally and what to avoid.

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Digestive Disorders :: Choking On Swallowing Liquids

I am a 34 year old female with a swallowing problem. I have had it for many years, it comes and goes.When I have any cold, flu or sickness it is worse and I choke so bad on liquid that I fall in the floor and can't catch my breath.I get scared after and I cry.I know this sounds crazy but I think for sure it will probably be how I die.I can even sip on liquids and it feels like I am going to choke. I have spit out liquids many times just because I couldn't swallow them.

Yes, I have stomach issues, but even on medication this problem never stopped. I have had tested on my throat ,I was even choking on the barium swallow and everything came back normal.It is my body however and I know there is a problem with my throat but no body believes me. I am tired of going to the doctors going through the same procedures 4 and 5 times and paying big amounts of money only to be told there is nothing they can do.I am at my wits end and feel hopeless. Can anyone explain this problem? Or am I alone?

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Phobias :: Hard Time Swallowing Pills

Had this problem for as long as I can remember. I was advised to go on antidepressants when I was 18, but my GP thought it was best not to go on them with me being so young. I was eventually told to take vitamins (b25) for 3 months, but I couldn't bare swallowing them whole, so I didn't.

My dentist has put me on antibiotics for a week. (3 a day) I'm yet to start because I just can't convince myself to do it. If I manage to actually put the tablet in my mouth, my body physically refuses it when I go to swallow. I really need to take these tablets. Has anyone got any suggestions on how I can bring myself to take them?

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Speech Therapy For Multiple Sclerosis For Swallowing Or Breathing?

Does anyone have speech therapy for multiple sclerosis for swallowing or breathing?

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Laryngopharyngeal Reflux :: Throat Clearing, Hoarseness, Swallowing Difficulties

I was initially diagnosed with LPR for my symptoms, which were constant post nasal drip, hoarse voice, and a click when I swallowed.  I have since figured out it wasn't LPR at all, and that all the protocols for LPR only make things worse. 

I came here to hopefully help others who may have been told they have LPR when really, they have something else.

The symptoms of LPR are exactly the same as the symptoms of nutritional deficiencies of B vitamins, vitamin A, and iron.  

In particular, a riboflavin deficiency will dry out the soft tissues of your throat so that you feel every tiny drip of what is actually normal mucus.  Riboflavin is a B vitamin that is not stored in the body and you must eat it every day.  Dairy products, something many of us with mucus are told to avoid, are very high in riboflavin, and one of the best sources.  Stress, illness and certain chronic conditions can increase the body's requirements for riboflavin, causing deficiency symptoms, like a dry, post nasal drip in the throat.  (In my case, I became deficient due to an undiscovered thyroid issue.  When the thyroid is not functioning properly, you do not metabolize riboflavin.)  Mild riboflavin deficiency will also cause dry, itchy or burning feeling of the eyes.  

Other B vitamins which affect the throat are niacin and folate.  Iron deficiency causes tongue and throat swelling and can even cause webbing of the esophagus.   Vitamin A and zinc also affect the mouth, tongue and throat.  Iodine is essential for the salivary glands.  

Certain health issues can affect the metabolism of nutrients.  You can be deficient even though you get plenty of it in your diet.  Your genetics, your diet, and your current health conditions all affect your nutritional status.  

Proton pump inhibitors and acid reducers can make things worse by reducing your absorption of nutrients.  

If you want to try some vitamins to see if they will help, start with the water soluble B vitamins.  I recommend taking coenzymated sublinguals which melt under your tongue, so that you don't have to worry about whether you are digesting and metabolizing them properly.  

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Sore Throat :: Tonsillitis - Excess Mucus Causing Swallowing Difficulties

I am 16 years old and have been experiencing my latest (and worst yet) bout of tonsillitis for the past 4-5 days. I have been taking soluble aspirin and paracetamol, and today my GP prescribed me some soluble penicillin antibiotics to help fight it off. However, I am experiencing lots of thick green mucus in my throat and a yellow-greenish coating of mucus on my tongue that just will not go away no matter how many times I spit it out. The mucus is causing many difficulties for me in terms of swallowing food and drink, as (with drinks) either I swallow some of the mucus with the fluid or the drink mixes with the mucus and ends up stuck in my throat. 

I am going on holiday to Egypt for a week on the 26th June so I really need to get this cleared up before then! Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can alleviate the pain and get rid of all this mucus?

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Leukemia / Lymphoma :: Trouble Breathing And Swallowing/enlarged Lymph Node

Husband having trouble breathing, especially when lying down, lots of gagging, and trouble swallowing.  Been to the doctor several times.  Elevated white count, enlarged lymph node in neck, one with black spot. Still 3 weeks until we see the ENT specialist. What can I do to help him while we wait 3 weeks to see a specialist?

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Oral / Nasal Human Papillomavirus :: Drainage And Hard Time Swallowing

What are the symptoms. I have a lot of nasal drainage and a hard time swallowing. Also, my sleep apnea has worsened. I have used a cpap for 12 years. Within the last three months it has stopped helping me sleep. It feels like there is a lump in my throat all the time. My airway feels obstructed. I had unprotected oral sex(giving) with a person of questionable character about six months ago. I found out later she is somewhat of a prostitute. I have been tested for all the stds and all tests have been negative. I am very fearful for my health. I don't think it is cancer. I had two cat scans this week and they were normal. I'm thinking I may have warts or lesions in my throat. For two months, i have been treated for sinus infections, but nothing has helped.

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Special Needs :: Difficulty In Breathing And Having BP

my mom age 57 is facing a difficulty in breath taking. we shown her so many doctors (nuemeralogist,cardiologist,physician etc) but no body can understand why it happens. she is having BP also.

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General Depression :: Difficulty Doing Anything

I am 4 months into my third depression in 30 years and this time along with all the usual symptoms there is a really debilitating problem with doing anything. This is not just demotivation but it feels physical. I will try and explain each activity is made up of individual movements so making a cup of tea involves standing up, walking to the kitchen, picking up the kettle, walking to the tap, turning the tap on, etc, etc. Well, each time one movement ends I have great difficulty moving onto the next one. There appears to be a block which takes huge amounts of willpower to overcome only to be back there again after the next movement. Often I will get so far and then give up. It has got to the point when I can spend all day unable to motivate myself to do anything because things just seem so pointless and hard work. Going to work at the moment is impossible and I am off sick but I now worry about how on earth I am going to go back. I have just been forcing myself until a couple of weeks back when I just gave up and rang in sick. After the initial relief that I could rest, the guilt kicked in and what I'd hoped would be rest is now anxiety riddled. Does anyone have any idea what on earth this troublesome symptom is? It feels like there is lubrication missing in my brain as if it's seized up. It's really horrible.

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