Venlafaxine :: Side Effects - Bad Nausea Sometimes With Vomiting

Jun 3, 2016

I've recently been put on venlafaxine 75 mg to help with my anxiety panic disorder with agoraphobia. i already take 400mg quetiapine daily for bipolar disorder. since starting the venlafaxine i've had really bad nausea sometimes with vomiting, vivid dreams, and hot n cold flushes ...

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Venlafaxine :: Venlafaxine XL - Less Side Effects

I've been on it for years and it's been brilliant. I was tired all the time and it gave me new energy.

The downside is that if you miss a couple of doses the withdrawal side-effects are quite horrendous. Venlafaxine XL (time released ones) are gentler with the side effects than the ordinary ones.

They've definitely worked for me.

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Venlafaxine 375 Mg A Day To Mirtazapine - Awful Side Effects

venlafaxine 375 mg a day withdrawn to mirtazapine awful side effects from one to the other anyone else like me

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Side Effects Of Taking 450mg Venlafaxine?

What are the side effects of taking 450mg Venlafaxine? Can't find much information online or anything and need to know!

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Venlafaxine :: Long Term Health Implications And Side Effects?

I suffer from recurrent moderately severe depression. I've been on Venlafaxine for about a year now. Previously I was taking the "Californian Cocktail" of Citalopram and mirtazapine but the weight gain of 3 stones and sedation to the point of regularly falling asleep at my work desk and whilst driving convinced me it was not for me - though it did relieve my depression.

My current dosage of venlafaxine is 375 mg per day (that's five 75 mg slow release caps) having read through most of the posts here I cannot find anyone on this level of dosage.

Am I a lab rat for an experimental psychiatrist?

My depression has largely been under control for most of this last year on Vn and the worst side effect, after the first two weeks, has been in the bedroom department but I am concerned at the long term health implications of this medication. Also and over the last 2 months my depression has slowly been returning which has prompted me to return to my psychiatrist.

Has anyone else had a similar experience of using Vn for a long period at this high dosage?

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Omeprazole :: Side Effects - Dizziness And Nausea

My husband has been taking omeprazole for the last few months. He has complained about dizziness and nausea and a heavy feeling in his chest for about 6 weeks. Last week he became very anxious about a 2 hour drive. He is usually a very confident person. Then last night he broke down when I said that he was slurring his words and becoming very forgetful.We read the side effects of the drug and he has stopped taking them. It may be psychological but he says he feels better already.

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Nausea ,indigestion And Diarrhoea Side Effects Of Nerve Ablations?

Can nausea ,indigestion and diarrhoea result from the ablation of nerves especially sciatic nerves

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Anxiety :: Stopping 20g Seroxat - Side Effects, I Had A Nausea, Lack Of Appetite

The story started when I noticed a tremor in my hand fingers (both hinds) as it starts from my wrist bone. I went to a nervous specialist and then he offered me the seroxat knowing that I didn't had any kind of anxiety at that time, where I had before this visit by half year. This visit began 6 months ago. I have started, as per his instructions, to get table and a half per day for the first 6 days then 1 tablet till 3 months. Suddenly, I stooped to use it and I know that was my bad. I returned to the dr, he said that we will start over. then, I started to feel that this medicine is not resulting well anymore. I started to stop it as per his instruction by taking half a tab for 5 days then half a tab every day after day. The last dose was on last Thursday. Now, we have passed 2 full days (Friday and Saturday). Today, I am feeling very and very bad. I had all of its side effects, I had a nausea, lack of appetite and DIZZINESS.. What do you suggest?

He said that I have to return to half a tab day after day and visit him on Wednesday. I am not planning to go to that dr any more thus I am here. I have read some forums of dropping it in the right way. Do you suggest taking a quarter tab day after day again? or to deal with the above side effects and finish up the day, tomorrow or what?

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Birth Control :: Depo-provera Side Effects - Nausea, Headaches, Cramping

I was on the Birth control shot for 9 months. I was supposed to go in between Aug 11th-Aug 17th. I Decided not to go because I had every side effect possible. After I got off of it I have been bleeding. It's not the same everyday some days it spotting but most are like a light period. I also get bad cramping on some days. I have experienced nausea, headaches, cramping. It is now September 24th. I have been having these problems for over a month now. Anyone have the same problem? And if so is there any way of knowing when this will go away? Or anything to make it at least more comfy to get by it all?

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Nausea :: Burping Before And After Vomiting

When I feel vomit coming up I run to the toilet/bucket and it feels like vomit is coming up I get watery mouth and try to steady my breathing ready for vomit and then I burp like I burp at least 2-4 times (long slow weird sounding burps) before vomit actually comes up, it's almost like the burp is replacing a "gag" but I still do gag As Well and after I vomit I'll burp more and vomit more the most I've burped in one go before throwing up/in between vomits was tonight and I burped at least 7 long slow weird almost frog sounding burps before actually vomiting what does this weird burping while throwing up mean?

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Vomiting All Day - How To Ease My Nausea

I've been vomiting all day any one know of a way to ease my nausea ....

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General :: Nausea And Vomiting - Gallbladder Taken Out But Nothing Works

I'm a 19 year old female. In May 2013 I gradually started to become nauseous. It got worse and by June 2013 I was throwing up almost daily. I saw a gastroenterologist who (in November 2013) found celiac disease through an upper endoscopy. I started eating gluten free but the nausea and vomiting continued. Since then, he's done a gastric emptying test, results were normal. I had a HIDA scan of my gallbladder which showed it didn't contract normally. I then had an ultrasound of my gallbladder, which showed tons of stones. Last month, I got my gallbladder taken out. (because my gastroenterologist was sure that was the cause of nausea and vomiting) The first couple days after surgery I felt no nausea, but by the 4th day post surgery, I had the exact same nausea and vomiting I had before. Does anybody have ANY idea what could be causing this? Or what tests I could ask my gastroenterologist to run when I see him next? And before anybody asks, I'm not pregnant.

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Pregnancy :: Heartburn, Nausea But No Vomiting (6 Weeks)

I am 6 weeks pregnant! I have heartburn a lot but no vomiting. This is my first pregnancy! Do some women just not get sick? I'll get nauseous but no vomiting!

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Menstruation :: Diarrhea, Nausea And Vomiting During My Menstrual Cycle

I am 43 years old. I had a tubal at the age of 22. The last few months during my period, I have been getting diarrhea, very nauseated and usually end up vomiting. Why is this happening to me now when it never did when I was younger?

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GERD (acid Reflux) :: Nausea, Vomiting, Burning In My Stomach

I'm 20 years old and been dealing with really bad acid reflux for about 6 years now. For about a year now i've been on the depo provera shot which has seemed to slow down my flare ups. When this all started i would get sick every time i started my period for me in the morning as soon as i get up. Since the depo shot i've been getting sick every three months right before my next shot. These flare up usually lasted about a week and a half at most(which really sucks cuz it affects my life in every way imaginable). My symptoms when im sick is usually nausea, vomiting, burning in my stomach, burning in my throat, fatigue, sharp lower pains, and sometimes it gets so bad because i'm scared to get sick i have panic attacks. When i was 14 doctors found an ulcer cover 90% of my stomach. That was seen doing a endoscopy. I was still having issues shortly after leaving the hospital, so talked with my doctor and had a laparoscopy scheduled. Did that and they found i had built up scar tissue on my female parts cant remember every detail as its been a long time ago and i'm always sick when they finally want to try something. So anyways they also found a cyst near my belly button. It seemed as if their findings was not a big deal. So down the road still getting sick i had my appendix removed, and that didn't change a thing. I've had numerous ultra sounds, x rays, blood test, cat scans and i'm probably forgetting more. I'm just hoping someone will have a possible answer since i been too more doctor i can count on both my hands and toes and that haven't a clue.. Just to put it out there i am not a liquor drinker, i smoke cigarettes and marijuana. I also do not drink caffeine anymore for the past 3 years basically. !

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Kidney Stones? Nausea / Vomiting - Upper Back Pain Waves

I have had an achy upper back pain for a few days now. I was attributing it to having slept funny, but now I am thinking it was a warning sign I missed. I woke up at 2am with horrible nausea and sharp pain in my upper left back. It comes in waves and was so severe it brought tears to my eyes. I have had kidney pain from infection in the past and while different I think this pain may be kidney related too. I am trying to find some way to get comfortable enough to sleep since it is the middle of the night and I don't want to wake two sleeping babies and drag them to the ER. I tried calling the nurse helpline provided by my insurance company, but he just told me to try a heating pad and some Tylenol.
I have a lot of prescription pain meds in my medicine cabinet because I have had 2 c sections and another surgery within the last couple years and I hate taking pain meds... I took an oxycodone.  That along with a vibrating massage mat under my back seems to be helping with the pain for the moment, but the nausea is even worse now. Any suggestions for that? I just need to make it to morning so I can go to an urgent care clinic. There is no one to watch the babies right now and of course o would get sick on Sunday when my primary care doc is closed.

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Lactose Intolerance - Diarrhoea, Nausea, Vomiting, Abdominal Cramps, Brain-fog, Anxiety Attacks

I have just been diagnosed with lactose intolerance. After, literally years of suffering, I finally have an answer to my problems. I was just wondering if anyone else out there has this and what you suffered? I mean, this seemingly little thing has caused me to become bedridden! I ate a diet LOADED with lactose prior to diagnosis and honestly felt like I was dying over the last two years in particular. I had severe diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps, brain-fog, anxiety attacks...the list goes on... I had my appendix out in Oct 2013 too, which I can't be sure was related, but it was horrendously painful any way!

The symptoms I had, I put down to various things and was convinced I had parasites, which I don't have. I just could not fathom why I was so ill. I had a food intolerance test and eggs came up positive, so I eliminated them from my diet at the time, but I had little relief as I was still eating a high-lactose diet, not knowing that I was intolerant. 

I have now eliminated all lactose AND eggs from my diet and in one day, I felt better. I had no abdominal pain, no urgency to poo, and no headache - which I have literally, constantly had for years. It's remarkable. I also didn't suffer bad dreams, which is so weird, as I have actually become used to my dreams being bad/negative and it became normal for me. It's such a relief to be able to rest without disruption!

Did or do any of you suffer with really bad symptoms down to lactose intolerance? Also, as I am new to this and have had to overhaul my diet, does anyone have advice on foods I should avoid, etc?


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Venlafaxine :: No Better Effects After 3 Weeks

I've had social anxiety / gad since highschool and I am now 25. I first took citalopram at 17 and took most other ssris trying to find one which helped, it was only when I took sertraline at around age 21 that I really felt benefit from a med, I noticed a feeling of content I'd not experienced since my childhood days, and soon got a job and began to socialise a bit after years of being a recluse. Anyway, the good feelings only lasted a year and I found myself asking for meds again, so my doctor put me on cymbalta which I took for 6 weeks and felt no benefit. I then went back and was put back on escitalopram which I felt had been somewhat helpful and I stayed on that for a couple of years.

Again I found myself suffering anxiety on a daily basis, so I needed a new med, so I went to my doctor again and was put on venlafaxine in late 2014 at a starting dose of 37.5 twice a day. I took my first and felt completely out of it and suffered worse panic attacks at work, so I tried to come of meds altogether but found myself taking half a tablet every other day to prevent the horrible withdrawals, when I completely stopped I felt more anxious and depressed so went back to my GP who recommended mirtazapine which I refused, I explained I didn't want to keep taking more meds for them not to work, as I didn't want to end up on last resort meds such as MAOI's when I am not clinically depressed or a risk per se. So i agreed to give Venlafaxine a try at 75mg a day and go back in a few weeks.

I am now on week 3 of venlafaxine and the positives are decreased anxiety at 'work', although this med makes me so tired I have no energy to be anxious, and a feeling of content, although I could sit in all day and not feel compelled to do anything as I feel 'ok' if that makes sense, which is a bad thing really. The negatives are a feeling of emotional numbness, no desire or motivation to achieve goals, tiredness all the time and no desire to socialise which suggests no improvement in social anxiety, and teeth clenching which happens with all meds for me.

So my question is should I keep taking venlafaxine, should I go back on sertraline in the hope it might work like the first time, or should I go on mirtazapine even though I don't want to feel even more zombiefied and don't want to feel hungry all the time. Or should I stop meds?

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Venlafaxine Side Effect - Sweating?

Does anyone seem to sweat more on venlafaxine. I know it is a side effect but how common is it

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Rosacea :: Oxytetracycline - How Long Nausea Side Effect Lasts?

Just started taking the tablets and wondering how long the side effects last for, Particularly the nausea.

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Kidney Or Gall Stones? Pain - Back And Right Side, Loss Of Appetite, Nausea

I have been out of work since oct 5th 2015 i had sinus surgrey done then had high blood pressure coming out of surgery kept up with the family doctor they refused to put me on bp medicine they sent me for an ultrasound to check the kidneys and they found out i have gallstones and then a week later i was in the ER with horrible stabbing pain in my back and right side loss of appetite and nausea and when i would eat i would take a couple of bites and then i would feel full right away they did another ultrasound and then they found out that i had a kidney stone i passed that kidney stone but still are having the stabbing sharp dull pain in my back and right side, loss of appetite, nausea, when hungry i take a couple of bites and then i feel full and sick, and i started getting chest pains and the pains hurt worse when i breathe and also am constipated. They just did a CT SCAN but haven't heard anything yet on it. Could it be my gallbladder or could it be something else?

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