Infiniti - G35 :: 2005 - Slotted Rotors Rumble / Vibrate?

Oct 7, 2011

I have a 2005 Infiniti G35x. I just replaced the stock rotors with EBC slotted rotors and "green stuff" pads. The brakes work great - much better than my old worn out stock brakes. The problem I'm having is when breaking at a slow rate (say slowing from 20 to 0 at a stop sign) I feel a pulsation/vibration (it's not a sound, I can't hear it, just a feeling) in the front rotors. It's not a warpped rotor feeling, and it doesn't happen at higher speeds. The best I could describe it is the feeling you get when you ABS kick in - only much more subtle. So my question is - is this normal? One mechanic said I was feeling the slots as they went around.

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Ford Excursion :: Slotted And Drilled Rotors Create Weak Pints?

I'm going to replace the rotors & pads on the X, was doing some research and read where slotted and drilled rotors actually create weak points in the rotor for vehicles this heavy.

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Cavalier - Vibration - Chevrolet :: 1992 - Rumble And Vibrate While Idling In Drive

1992 Chevy Cavalier, about 120,000 miles. A few months ago my car has started to rumble and vibrate while idling in drive. It only occurs while I'm in drive and completely stopped. If I change to neutral or park, it immediately goes away. Also, if I'm in drive, keep my foot on the brake and give it a little gas, the vibration goes away. I've changed the spark plugs, had the throttle body cleaned (not very thoroughly) and my mechanic said my engine mounts look fine and to not worry too much about it. Is this a problem I can ignore as an inconvenience or should I put more effort into getting this fixed?

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Ford Fuel System :: Truck Vibrate At Idle But Not Very Noticeable Seems Like A Regular V8 Rumble

I have an 07 F150 with the 4.6L engine and i was wondering if theres any need to clean my injectors at 30,000km the truck seems to vibrate at idle but not very noticeable seems like a regular v8 rumble but two ppl have pointed it out recently and have riden in my truck a bunch, should i be puttin some injector cleaner in my fuel?

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Infiniti - G35 :: Random Vibration When Driving Over A Smaller Version Of Rumble Strips On Side Of Road

My 2005 Infiniti G35 has 144,000 miles, two new rear tires and two good front tires. Sometimes, and I cannot nail down or reproduce-on-demand this situation, my car will suddenly begin to vibrate as if I'm driving over a smaller version of those rumble strips on the side of the road. The vibration continues when I take my foot off the accelerator, and will continue at a slower rate as I decelerate until I stop. Often it seems that when I come to a dead stop and accelerate again, the vibration stops, but other times it will continue as I accelerate.

But what's really odd is other times I'll just be cruising along and the vibration will begin, keep vibrating for a few miles, then peter out and disappear. I haven't totally nailed down whether or not braking affects it, but if pressed I would say that I would use the brakes at least once before it disappears. Also, it only seems to begin once I hit 50-60 mph, but again, it doesn't happen every time I go this speed. Other times this car drives incredible and makes the road feel as smooth as glass.

I haven't taken it to the shop because I'm sure they won't be able to reproduce it.

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Celica :: 2005 Auto GT Vibrate When At A Signal

Have an 05 Auto GT which will vibrate when at a signal. If I shift into N it'll go away instantly. Had my motor mounts checked multiple times with multiple mechanics and they're fine. ATF is also clean and trans shifts smoothly.

I did run seafoam through it and it was fine for about a day, then started vibrating again.

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Lexus :: 2005 - Steering Wheel Started To Vibrate As Tire Is Flat

I was driving my wifes 2005 Lexus 330 on an Interstste between 65-70 mph. Suddenly the steering wheel started to vibrate as if I had a flat tire. I pulled over, checked-no flat. Cautiously started slowly then picked up speed til I was at 65 again. No problem. Drove all the way home (150 mi) next day, no problem. About 3 weeks later, the same thing happened to my wife on an interstate. Sje stopped, checked, no flat. Started up cautiously, then faster. A ll OK. Came home-no repeat of the problem. Took it to our dealer. Up it went on the lift. Diagnosis: 2 tires had steel belts that were out of shape and the car needed a slight alignment. $800+ bucks. A week later, on an interstate, she had a repeat of the problem. Lexus took the car and the service guys took turns drvng it home at interstate speeds. Couldn't get a repeat of the problem. I don't know if this would have any bearing on the situation, but the only thing we've done out of the ordinary is use regular gas about 3 of every 4 fill-ups ...

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Ford Excursion :: Rotors Rubbing On Caliper Bracket - Brake Rotors Too Thick?

I replaced my warped front brake rotors a couple thousand miles ago and all was fine but when I went to swap over to my snow tires, I can see that the outer part of the rotor has been rubbing on the caliper bracket. This is happening on both front rotors. Could my new rotors be too thick or something?

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Avalon 2005-12 :: Getting Shudder On Braking - Brake Rotors Being Warped?

I have an '09 Avalon with 34K miles. On braking we get a shudder. It's especially noticeable on gentle braking. I am pretty sure this is due to the brake rotors being warped or whatever the correct term is. Are these covered under warranty? I'm a skeptic and I feel sure the dealer will try and blame the tires but they are wearing evenly and are rotated every 5K. The ride is smooth when not braking so tire balance should not be an issue.

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Civic - Honda :: 2005, Car Is Pulsing Badly After Replaced Pads And Rotors

I replaced the pads and rotors on my 05 Civic 3000 miles ago. Now it is pulsing badly again when stepping on the brakes. I can feel the pulse in the brake pedal and the steering wheel. What should I be looking for when I pull off the wheels again.

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Ford F-150 (2004-2008) :: 2005 - Brakes Shimmy After New Pads And Rotors

Brakes shimmy on my 05 f150. Been doing this since new new pads and rotors and alignment. what now?

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Ford F-150 (2004-2008) :: 2005 - Rumble At Idle?

my 05 f150 5.4 with 76,000 has a weird rumble at idle, I don't think its a miss and there's no codes and when I put it in park it goes away or if the idle changes just a little you don't feel it. And you feel it through the brake pedal the most its not real bad butb enough to bother me.

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Ford Super Duty (1999-2016) :: 2005 - Nasty Wobble When On Brakes - Warped Rotors

Brake issues on 2005 F250. About 3 years ago during vehicle inspection the garage stated I need all for rotors on my F250. I had @40,000 miles at the time. Garage said rotors are a onetime use, no recutting them. So I got all new rotors. Prior to then I never even felt a wobble indicating they were warped. Anyhow now with 15,000 miles on them I have a huge wobble when I get on the brakes and it's 5x pronounced when pulling a trailer. I assume more warped rotors. If so, why? I pull a camper or car trailer maybe 7-10 times a year.

Now currently I am assuming its warped rotors because I have not had it "professionally" checked. I did have one occasion last August pulling the camper where I smelled the brakes being hot. The pedal got soft. After cooling it seemed ok and I flushed the old fluid and put in new. I have about 4100 miles since then and the warped feel just started about a month ago. I hate the thought of new rotors as I paid for new Ford rotors 3 years ago. Didn't want the Chinese crap from the box stores. I can't imagine how these would warp this bad after less than 15,000 miles, they are massive. Why they would so quickly?

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Ford - Expedition :: 2005 - Shutter Like Driving Over A Rumble Strip When Apply Little Throttle

My '05 Expedition will be driving normal at highway speeds, and when I need to apply a little more throttle to start up a hill I get a shutter thru the truck that sounds and feels like driving over a rumble strip. It doesn't last but just a second or two, but it happens frequently. Is it something in the 4wd? Transmission? or.......?

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Camry 2012+ :: Vibrate At Idle With AC On?

Wifey has been complaining the past 2 days that her car has been running a bit funny. First warm-ish day here...sitting in traffic and turned on the AC. At a complete stop, in Drive, the car is vibrating the floorboard quite noticeably. Somewhat less noticeably in park/neutral. Otherwise, it seems to behave just fine...power is fine, motor sounds like it always does.

The car was about 3/4 of the way through the tank of gas (87 oct), and wasn't running like this a few days ago when I spent a lot of time behind the wheel. I went and filled the tank, thinking maybe it was bad gas, with a fresh tank of 89. soon as you hit the AC starts vibrating.

So the question from all this...does YOUR I4 Camry shake a little bit with the AC on? A little bit of vibration from a 4-cyl doesn't surprise me, but I sure don't seem to recall it last year.

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Tiguan :: 2009 VW 2.0T - Vibrate Violently When Hit 60 Mph

I have a 2009 VW tiguan 2.0T that vibrates violently when i hit 60mph, I mean pretty hard to the point where it doesn't feel safe to keep accelerating and everything inside not attached starts to rattle. Regardless Ive driven it to 100+ to see if it vibrates on higher gears and it does. I also have cruised on neutral downhills and stills vibrates the same.

So far this is what I have had it:

-Aligned and balanced tires twice.
-Had inspected and replaced both of the axles with new OEM parts.
-Had overall suspension inspected and everything seems fine.
-Checked the bearings by two different professionals, one used a dynamometer. came out fine

So far nothing has worked, and I am afraid or actually in denial that it might be something major with the transmission. I've researched and read various post around the web but i have not found anything beyond checking and/or replacing the the aforementioned parts.

I inadvertently hit 85 mph driving on an downhill interstate road and the vibration stopped, but came back again as soon as I slowed down to 60-80. Lets me to believe that there is something wrong with one of the transmission gears, probably 3th or 4th.

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Volvo :: 1997 850 Running Very Rough And Vibrate

First time Volvo owner. Love the 97 850 that I got, but it runs really rough, and I don't know if that's normal for these cars or not. When I say it runs rough, I mean that it vibrates like crazy (not shaking, but vibrating) and it's loud. Every other car I've owned sounds smooth when it's idling or accelerating, but not this one. And I don't mind the noise at all, but the vibrations are a little frustrating.

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Lexus SC430 :: AC Unit Causing The Car To Vibrate

The air-con unit has caused the car to vibrate (only way to describe it) quite badly.

It started in January (which is winter in the UK) so I switched it off and it stopped - hence my diagnosis that it was the ACU at fault.

As spring approached and the temperature started to rise, I put it back on and it appeared to work fine no vibration and plenty of cool air.

Occasionally (one or twice over many 1000's of miles) it would do it, but cycle it off/on and it went.

I figured it was probably the serpentine belt that needed replacing - which happened on the service last month, they advised it was worn so I was right to replace.

Yesterday the vibration came back with a vengeance, and my suspicion is that perhaps the belt-tensioner should also have been replaced as these have a limited life so was slipping due to the extra load of a hot day and me switching the ACU on.

A small edit after submitting - I'm assuming it HAS an automatic belt tensioner that is based on some spring mechanism - can't believe you'd have to adjust these manually?

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Honda - Fit :: 2008 - Car Vibrate When Stop At Light

Often my car would vibrate when I come to a stop at a light or stop sign. Is that normal for all cars that have aged? My car is 2008 and have ~70k miles. Is there something going bad or is there some maintenance that I should be doing and missed?

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Ford F-150 - 1997-2003 :: Hum / Vibrate At 15 Or So MPH Up Front

On my 1997 F150 4x4, at 15 or so MPH up front it starts to hum & vibrate (not shaking type vibration but tight vibration) and hum gets louder and vibe becomes more predominant as speed increases. 1 person who is pretty credible (but nobody is perfect especially me) told me its not uncommon for bearings in front diff to go bad. He also mentioned to me they can be a pain to change and may be much simpler to get a replacement gear set from a yard. I will be changing brake pads, rotors, calipers and hubs this week.

I didnt feel any overwhelming heat coming from that may occur from bad hub bearings, when I spin wheels do not hear any unhealthy sounds nor is there any play on hubs but I am replacing them also anyway. Is he correct about the possibility of bad bearings in front diff and not uncommon for them to fail? Also, Side note I am also installing torsion bar keys to lift front about 2.5". Should I get extended sway bar links to replace originals or would stock be fine?

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Lexus ES 2007-12 :: Car Become Louder Now Started To Shake And Vibrate A Little

I have ES 350 with 118000 miles. And for the last 6 months I've noticed my car become louder and louder. And now it's beginning to shake and vibrate a little. The Check engine light and check VSC light came on then it went off. I can also tell it doesn't have the same pick up when I hit the gas. So is it time to for new plugs and coils?

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