Pizotifen :: Consequences Of Stopping Sandomigran

Jun 6, 2014

I was taking Sandomigrain for 10 plus years (0.5mg per day – I could not increase the dose as it made me too drowsy to function) and decided to slowly wean myself off as I was still having fairly regularly occurring Migraines that included visual and stomach symptoms. Over a period of a year I slowly cut down the 1/2 a tab in size and frequency till finally in December I was Sandomigran free. For the first 3 - 4 months everything was great, I had less migraines and headaches than I had ever had. Then in March, I woke up with an almighty pain in my head in the front half of my head. My blood pressure and pulse kept spontaneously elevating especially when I was asleep. This intense pain lasted for 2 weeks. Since then, I am left with a permanent Migraine which fluctuates in its severity and my brain (the front half) permanently feels as though it is in a contraction. I also have facial numbness and a sense of cold on my front and back periodically. After many tests (which have all come back clear) I am beginning to think that what is happening is a result of stopping the Sandomigran and of its consequential withdrawal. Has anybody else had these symptoms after stopping Sandomigran and if so, do the symptoms ever go away?

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Consequences Of Paxil And Alcohol?

i'm wondering what the physical consequences of alcohol and paxil are? i've read and been told everything from death to increased drowsiness, but have personally found that most of my problems occur after drinking, not during. i have noticed my heart beating slower, but assumed it was because i was relaxed.

lately i have been dealing with sleep disturbances and mental confusion, as well as anxiety. recently my paxil dosage was increased from 20mg to 30mg. i drink, on average, a moderate dose of whisky a night. (roughly half of a pint, to be exact).

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Pizotifen :: Still Having Migraines

I have had migraines since i was 12 (I'm almost 28 now) and over the years they have become increasingly frequent. It got to the stage where i was having 4-5 severe ones a week. I'm a medical student so this was REALLY getting in the way of life and i just used to wander round in a painkiller induced daze or be forced to collapse in bed.

A few weeks ago I came to the end of my tether. despite being on beta blockers and antidepressants and armed with seriously strong painkillers and all sorts of things like sumatriptan i was still completely incapacitated with a 4 day migraine. So i took the plunge and tried the pizotifen 1.5mg given by by GP.

Three days went by with no migraine... then a small migraine then another 4 day whopper probably more severe than before which knocked me out cold for the whole weekend and beyond. I've been on the pizotifen for 2 weeks now and low and behold today - another migraine.

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Pizotifen Destroyed Our Marriage

I am amazed and horrified to find that this drug is still being handed out to people with out proper supervision and advice. My husband was prescribed the drug a few years ago by his G.P. as his migraines had become more frequent, due to stress at work etc. He changed from someone who had little trouble getting up for work to a groggy, bleary eyed creature. Over the next 12 months he became increasingly belligerent, aggressive and unbearable to be around. He also experienced almost permanent numbness down his left side, like a mini stroke. I was just at the point of leaving this dark, brooding monster who was the antithesis of the funny, loving, intelligent man I married, when it occurred to me that this personality shift had taken place since he'd been taking this drug. Having picked one of his better moments to talk about this, he decided to stop taking the drug to see what happened. Within 24 hours my beloved husband was back. I got hold of the drugs and the information leaflet contained within it and realised that almost every side effect listed applied to my husband. Having been back to the G.P. together to discuss the effect this dreadful stuff had, she thought he should still take it and take anti-depressants as well, no thank you.

I had always suspected that many of his migraines were triggered by low blood sugar, no breakfast, missing lunch etc. and now he has adopted regular eating patterns in combination with the herbal remedy Feverfew he has only had two migraines in the last year. We were told subsequently by yet another G.P. at the practice that Pizotifen is only supposed to be prescribed for people with debilitating serotonin triggered migraines, that it is a drug of last resort for people who cannot function on a daily basis due to persistent attacks. He also pointed out that not only should it never been given to someone with the level and type of migraine he had, but also as he drives to work every day he should never have been prescribed this drug as it renders you unfit to drive or operate machinery, which the original G.P. should have known but never mentioned. . Thank goodness he didn't come to harm or cause any!!! We recently came across a couple pulling their hair out over their migraine suffering teenage son. He has recently been prescribed Pizotifen and has become so awful that they were considering throwing him out. We couldn't believe that it was happening to someone else and hence I searched out this site. It is a serotonin inhibitor. So unless you have migraines every day and you can't have any kind of life because of them find another treatment. Believe me when I say don't take this drug, not if you love your family.

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Pizotifen :: Increased Sex Drive

I have only been taking 3mg for a couple of weeks, but the benefits are huge so far. I suffer from a continuous migrainous headache with regular migraine attacks, but atm I am totally headache free.

This past week I have noticed that my sex drive has increased, much to my husbands delight. I think this is probably because I am feeling so well and full of energy. But I also wonder if this is a possible side effect of the drug?

Has anyone else felt that Pizotifen has affected their sex drive?

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Pizotifen :: Alternatives Due To Weight Gain?

I've just started taking the medicine and I'd like to know about any other drug without this side effect.

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Migraine :: Pizotifen And Maxalt (Rizatriptan) No Relief

I have been taking pizotifen for three months now, still no change. I get migraines everyday (3-4 episodes), and gaining weight by the second. I'm taking Maxalt (Rizatriptan), but nothing seems to make them go away. I have an MRI scan next month....

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Pizotifen :: Wake Up At Night And Can't Go Back To Sleep

I've been on Propranolol 80mg for my migraines which have worked very well. One issue with them is that I can wake up during the night and I have great difficulty in getting back to sleep. This results in me being quite tired during the day, as I drive 45mins to get to the office and sometimes 4-5 hours if I'm on site then it was a concern.

I saw the doctor on Friday and he suggested trying Pizotifen, he told me they can cause drowsiness but if I take it at night then I should be OK by the morning.

I've been reading through the experiences here and I'm not too sure about taking them now, I haven't been to the pharmacy with the prescription and I'm unsure whether to bother.

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Stopping Heroin Is Just The Start

Heroin is something that no-one journey is the same,the effects it has on your life may be same but to go though and come out the other side clean..yes in fairy land. Yes you can, but to get there is more than any words could describe. Its hard work the ones with family's supporting them may be a help but to most its just a suicide mission. I went though it dragged my family with me,but to no avail it wasn't cos I couldn't care less it was a matter of survival for me I couldn't cope with normal everyday duties. My Dad died and instead of being with my family I ran away it couldn't be true it was a lie I just wouldn't except it .

My world was shattered and no-one around to help -depression sunk its teeth in and wouldn't let go. That was 2 years 9 months ago ,today I am street drug free,on a maintenance regime with a network of out-reach programs with all the aspects of my life being worked on, its hard work, not for the faint hard it its got to come from you the one its destroying to take control, if I can have a life I want one that's got a future to look and plan for.I have been the lowest any human-being could get and crawled out of the huge hole I put myself in. that's the point"ADMITTING IT WAS YOU " no-one else. I wish you luck,and I give you hope,that you too can do what I did .its staying clean thats the hard part ,one step at a time and no matter how long it takes that no interest do it in time for you not to a time-table. Thankyou for reading ,hope it helps one person that'll do for me.

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Pregabalin :: Successfully Stopping It

i have been on Pregablin for 6 years  now. I'm an amputee and suffer badly with phantom pains. I want to stop taking them but fear not only the phantom pains becoming unbearable but also how I may react on other levels. I take 600mg daily. My memory has been badly affected as well as my concentration levels and I feel constantly tired. Has anyone on here sucessfully come off pregablin? I feel that I am a spectator watching my life pass by and all my emotions are very flat. Hoping someone can help me out with an answer.

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Stopping Smoking After 37 Years

I smoked for 37 years from the age of nine. I have tried to quit many times but can say now in hindsight that I never really tried, I just pretended to myself that I was trying. Some times I stopped smoking and had a cigarette less than an hour later but made up an excuse and continued to "try" stopping. I never actually admitted to failing until I was back on my usual 20 or 30 a day.

In January I decided to give it a go again but this time I went to a stop smoking group. This will not work for all people but it did for me so I am happy. Somebody at the group came out with the idea that everyone at the group should get into their heads that the minute you have 1 cigarette then you have failed. I am a naturally competitive person and this really worked in gettting me motivated. I did not want to be the one that failed.

In the group we were given help with products and I chose to use patches and lozenges. I used the patches for 6 weeks and the lozenges for about 12 but do not use either now. There seems to be this perception amongst internet posters that if you use stop smoking products then you didn't do it properly and its far better to stop "cold turkey" Personally I think it's the result that counts not how you get there.

I have now gone almost 8 months without a cigarette and still get the cravings now and again. But I just keep saying to myself "if you have 1 cigarette you have failed".

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Dizziness After Stopping Zoloft

I am having dizziness after stopping Zoloft by is worse when I bend over or look up to ceiling.

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22 And Stopping Use Of Blood Thinners

Let me just start with the fact that I am 22 years old and have been told Iwould be on blood thinners for life. Nobody at this age wants to hear that. And it may sound selfish, but me and my husband look forward to having another child. However, doing so while on blood thinners would mean injecting myself every day for nine months. Not okay for me.

This all started when I had my child. 10 days after having him, I had a bad pain in my lower back that I related to sciatica pain. However, something in me told me to see a doctor. I was diagnosed with having a blood clot in a major vein in my leg. Scary. I was put on warfarin and was told it would be for no more than 9 months. I work as a supervisor with my job, so taking my medicine on time and every day fo r hat matter was hard because I was working 3 different shifts in one week. 5 months after my first clot, I went to work and my arm started feeling tingly. Went to the doctor and they discovered a small clot in my arm. I was then told I would be on blood thinners for life and switched to xarelto because they thought it would be better for me. They ran tests to find out why I had clotted to begin with, and he ONLY thing they found was that it was due to y pregnancy. They could not find anything wrong with my blood. Only thing abnormal was my protein level and they said that was perfectly normal. So now its been 15 months since the first clot, and a year since the second.

Me and my husband would like to have another child. So my question is, has anyone ever (even in a pregnancy related clot) stopped taking their blood thinner? If so, how is your health now?

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Escitalopram :: Stopping It - But Very Weepy And Vulnerable

I have been taking escitalopram for over two years they were prescribed for severe panic attacks, i feel i got my life back while taking this drug, but have recently started to reduce the dose on my doctors advise, i have been feeling very weepy, vulnerable and the old feelings are coming back i am down to 5mg every third day but i am frightened i will revert back to how i was and this scares me i wonder if i will ever be able to stop altogether

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Sertraline :: Stopping Propranolol Suddenly?

I've been taking propranolol since the end of March - just 10 mg per day and then I've been taking 50mg sertraline per day for 3 weeks. I had been complaining of awful neck pains and general muscle aches but today, I forgot to take my propranolol and the aches and pains haven't been there. Has anyone else stopped taking propranolol suddenly? Can this have a bad reaction as I was on such a low dose?

I have been getting hot/warm sensations inside around my chest and different parts of my body for the past couple of days also, is this a part of the sertraline effects?

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Metronidazole :: Stopping After 3 Days - When I Can Drink?

I was perscribed the drug before the results of my culture were in. I just learned that my culture is negative, soI stopped taking it.  My last dose was close to 24 hrs. ago. How long do I have to wait before having a drink, after just 3 doses?

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Cerazette - After Stopping - Periods Will Be Disturbed?

I was on Cerazette for 13 months and had a regular period every month for the whole time. I have now stopped taking it (4-5 weeks) can this affect my periods as I am now late.

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Menopause :: Stopping Femoston Conti

I'm wanting to come off my HRT its called FEMOSTON CONTI  ive been on them 6 yrs ,i still have my womb ,and im 58 yrs old .should i stop  taking the hrt in one go or would it be wise to do it over time .im hoping someone will be able to tell me how it went for them.

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Stopping Levothyroxine - Feeling Being Poisoned

Anyone stopped taking this drug, I feel like I am being poisoned, I feel yuk constantly, I was fine before I started to take this drug, I had a blood test to do with menopause and it came back I had under active thyroid, I had no symptoms of uat at all! I would love to go back to how I originally felt, but I'm desperate to know if anyone has stopped taking this, I was on 150mg.

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Headaches After Stopping Depo-provera

I stopped taking depo in april and now i'm getting pain in my head..not necessarily headaches but pain that only lasts a second and every once in a while..could this be a side effect of stopping the depo. periods are a lot heavier and crampy...

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Getting Pregnant After Stopping Depo Provera?

i stopped the depo provera injections about 2 months ago and my boyfriend and i are trying to concieve. what can i do to increase my chances of getting pregnant?

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