Scoliosis And Kyphosis :: Difficulty Breathing ...

Jul 22, 2012

I've had scoliosis since i was a baby, i've had 4 operations to try straighten the curve but none of them worked, one of my harrington rods snapped so had to have that removed and got the low blow that there's nothing else can be done for me has my spinal cord is becoming damaged and don't want to risk damaging it more..... The thing i'm writing about today is my ribs, my body seems all squished and not right like a woman with a 'normal' back, and i am having difficulty breathing lately, do any of you suffer with this? If so what do you do to ease the pain and help u breathe easier?

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Syringomyelia With Scoliosis / Kyphosis - How To Manage?

Hi all, I was born with Kyphosis, never had surgery or treatment, apart from physio. Live in constant pain. Am on high doses of painkillers. 3 Years ago I was diagnosed with Syringomyelia. I was wondering if there was anybody else that has either Scoliosis/Kyphosis AND Syringomyelia, and would like some tips on how to manage.

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Scoliosis And Kyphosis :: Feeling Uneven Shoulders

I have felt uneven for years. My mom has been diagnosed with scoliosis, and my doctors have checked me at every yearly appointment since I was 12. I feel uneven (like if you were to draw a line down the middle it wouldn't be equal), one shoulder (right) is higher than the other, I have neck/shoulder pain, and I feel like my right side of my ribs press are farther away from the midline, like my left side is pushing them over. I feel The only thing is that I am overweight. So I am wondering if it possible for the doctors to have missed it. I am 19 and I am afraid I am going to continue on without answers or being taken seriously. My parents and friends don't believe me. Is it possible I can feel scoliosis from the inside (the uneven feeling I have)?

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Scoliosis And Kyphosis :: Lower Back C Curve - Support Aids?

I have idiopathic scoliosis – specifically a ‘C’ curve in my lower spine. Work have bought me a great chair for my desk but I often have to run around the University and work in student rooms and sadly the chairs are terrible basic plastic chairs with no back support.

I have been given a catalogue for back supports I can carry around and strap to or put on chairs but there’s a wide range and wondered if anyone could offer advice out which might be best for the kind of curve I have? I know were all different but otherwise I'm picking randomly!

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Scoliosis And Kyphosis :: Spasms And Frequent Back Shooting Pain

From the age of 8-14 i was seen at hospital for Scoliosis for years i would have x rays and check ups, since then nothing? confused! because i was young i only know that i have a lower curve of my spine (sorry don't know technical words).

More recently i complained of lower back pain which my doctor agreed and gave me co codamol as nothing i was taking worked. I am also currently waiting for a physio appointment as my dr said that it may help? not sure but i will try it, however that has been 3 weeks and i still have heard nothing!

Since complaining of lower back pain though i am now having more problems, the spasms are becoming more frequent and shooting up my back and making me gasp when they are bad, these are slowly getting worse. Again i spoke with my doctor and he didn't seem concerned, i however am.

I am working and it is a desk job but i can walk around and split the length of sitting down. Also a hot water bottle does help when i am at home at work is slightly more difficult. I currently have to sleep with a pillow under my back so i am more comfortable. I am also sleeping separately from my hubby as his mattress is way too soft for me to sleep on.

This is driving me mad and i just need the pain to stop. Can anyone offer advice please?

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Tuberculosis? Difficulty Swallowing , Difficulty Breathing

tuberculosis..? difficulty swallowing , difficulty breathing, cough out blood, dark-brown phlegm, cough doesn't go and mucus, weight loss,tired always......

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Special Needs :: Difficulty In Breathing And Having BP

my mom age 57 is facing a difficulty in breath taking. we shown her so many doctors (nuemeralogist,cardiologist,physician etc) but no body can understand why it happens. she is having BP also.

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Ramipril :: Palpitations, Difficulty Breathing

My wife was prescribed 10 milligrams/day dose of ramipril and nearly passed out in town, palpitations, difficulty breathing and pain in the chest. She was admitted to hospital with a view that she might have had a heart attack. They put a camera up her femoral artery but her heart was clear, no problems.

her blood pressure was 90 over 45. we stopped her taking the Ramipril and all her symptoms disappeared. It was as if the tablets were producing the palpitations and the chest pains which she was taking more and more tablets for.

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Heart Rhythm :: Breathing Difficulty?

I have this problem of breathing normally which occurs sometimes a few weeks or as prevalent as 2 times a week. I will often feel better when lying down. Some of the symptoms include increase saliva and nausea. My appetite will also be gone. However I will not have this problem the next day.

I realized that this problem occurs when there is a great change in the temperature. For example when i am travelling from a country with a tropical climate to a colder country (around 10 degrees). This problem also occur sometimes after food (Etc. Eating hot and cold food). This problem strangely do not occur during the morning.

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Respiratory Disorders :: Difficulty Breathing

I have had a terrible affliction for more than 3 months now and it is greatly affecting my life. I am 25 years old and in general have never had a
problem with my health or anything. I have lived in São Paulo, Brazil for 6 years which has very polluted air due to its large population and high altitude.
I am having difficulty breathing in general. It feels like I am not processing the air that I breathe. Here I am going to list all of the symptoms I am feeling:

-Exercise is walking at best. If I try to do anything more than this I become at risk for feeling irregular heart palpitations and become even more out of breath.

-There are moments when I feel a little better and worse throughout the day. It is completely random but I think it might also have to do with eating. The only time I feel ok is when I am sleeping and I just wake up. Usually I lie around for a bit because it's nice to forget about it. As soon as I get up the difficulty breathing starts. If I get up just to use the bathroom at night it takes a while to stabilize after I lie back down.

-I have a chest pain on my left side. is right in the left pectoralis major. This pain never goes away however it is constant so I have coped with it. The
pain is like the pain you have when you have gas. It is a sharp pain I cannot move the muscles on my left chest otherwise it will feel like I'm being stabbed.

-It is common for me to be sitting doing nothing and feel strange heart palpitations which cause me to have even more difficulty breathing

-When I feel the palpitations (which have been occurring less but the chest pain hasn't subsided) It seems that my heart is in my throat or that I am going to burp up my heart. When This happens I have to lie completely still and focus on not passing out. My limbs, stomach face all go numb and start tingling like when your leg falls asleep and it's waking up.I usually sleep on my right side because sleeping on my left side causes difficulty breathing.

-I can't stand in one place for very long otherwise I will have considerable difficulty breathing and start to slouch, however I can get by walking.

-Sitting up straight makes it harder to breath. Slouching has helped me to get by and breath more easily.

-Riding in any vehicle causes me to have considerable difficulty breathing. It feels like the bumps on the road cause me to not be able to breathe well.

-Anxiety does cause my symptoms to worsen and my breathing to become considerably harder but it is not the underlying cause. I cannot run away from the chest pain or difficulty breathing no matter how calm or relaxed I am.

I have done a few heart and lung exams:

*3 ECG/EKG- nothing
*3 chest X-rays- nothing
*1 chest tomography- nothing
*1 Echocardiogram- nothing
*1 24 hour holter- nothing( I wasn't even able to

sleep within the 24 hours at any moment because I had to hold my cat who had surgery and took the whole night to recover from the anesthesia. Worst night of my life both of us suffering and nothing I could do. I left my cat with my wife when she woke up and went straight to the lab to remove the holter device.)

*Spirometry- nothing
*Laryngoscopy- Septal deviation(I've always had)
Rhinitis, pharyngitis and laryngitis

-the only day in the past 4 months that I have felt normal is the night of and day after I did the spirometry and laryngoscopy exams. I took anesthesia
in both nostrils for the laryngoscopy and 2 sprays of an inhaler for the spirometry exam. I started doing some exercises on the following morning and all
the symptoms returned.

-I am beginning to have dizzy spells. I suddenly get overtaken by strong dizziness.

When I was between the ages of 10 and 16 I had taken all sorts of antipsychotic medicine such as Geodon, Abilify, Seroquel and others because I was considered overactive. I am do worry that this might have affected my anatomy at a growing phase in my life. I have suspected heart arrhythmia or asthma but the tests I listed above say otherwise.

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Anxiety :: Propranolol Worked But Breathing Difficulty

I started taking propranolol last last and it made a huge difference in my anxiety feel like a new person today.. but the only thing is after taking it i feel like i couldn't breath like my airflow was being restricted ?

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GERD (acid Reflux) :: Difficulty Breathing

How many people have difficulty breathing and severe bloating? I have a medium large hiatus with gerd barrett's and lpr, my other symptoms are dry mouth, post nasal drip phlegm that I can't cough up , dry cough burning tickling mouth and throat,ear pressure pain and tinnitus plugged sinuses hoarse voice difficulty swallowing does anybody else have all.

These problems? I'm coughIng but I can't cough up the phlegm , I am also hungry constantly but suffer extreme bloating , one bite and i'm full it feels like I'm full of gas , please anyone can relate to my symptoms? I also have a tightness just below my ribs and pain in collarbone and shoulder running to sides and back of neck at the base of skull and my phlegm is clear but real thick glue like substance which I rarely cough up it feels like I can't build enough pressure to cough it up.

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Difficulty Swallowing And Breathing, Weight Loss, Cough Out Blood

Are these symptoms of throat cancer? please help! have difficulty swallowing, difficulty breathing, weight loss,cough out blood , have dark-brown mucus, been smoking for years....

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Nasal Polyps :: Breathing Difficulty, Stuffy Nose, Facial Pain And Post Nasal Drip

I have just been diagnosed has having Nasal polyps. My symptoms have been so bad that I haven't worked in 14 years.  I have the usual symptoms of breathing difficulty, stuffy nose, facial pain & a post nasal drip.  I also have other symptoms like dizziness/lightheadedness, blurry vision, pressure in my head.  I feel like I am walking on a bouncy castle 24/7.  i wanted to know if anyone else who has nasal polyps, has ever experienced any dizziness or eye sight problems. I have had my eyesight checked recently and its near perfect yet I cannot see properly.

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Anxiety :: Manual Breathing. OCD Breathing Obsession

Anyone out there have to deal with this?

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Scoliosis :: Rods Down My Spine Experience

I had a scoliosis curvature of the spine & had 2 rods placed on my spine to correct it, I had this op 11 years ago & I was wondering if anyone else has had this are you still in pain in the years to follow the op. I've had to have the top cut off them as they came away & were sticking out the top of my back, I have lower back pain & pains down my legs & the rods restrict me from doing everyday things without comfort, I was thinking of having them removed as I struggle to find work that's suitable for me to do without being in some discomfort ...

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Scoliosis :: Braces For Senior Adults Misaligned Teeth?

I am 35 years old. I had crooked teeth since my childhood but I didn't pay much heed. As time has passed now I desire good properly aligned tooth because I am facing teeth cleaning, brushing complications and bite problems. Can senior adults have braces for their misaligned teeth? Will I get results for the same?

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Uneven Shoulders - Poland's Syndrome? Winged Scapula? Scoliosis?

i'm having this issue since junior high that i have uneven shoulders that cause massive confidence breakdown with me, all shirts look weird on me and im definitely feels shy to open my shirt in a pool. starting now i intend to bulk more muscle to achieve a better posture and fix these issue for having even shoulders and muscles for the long run. do you guys have an advice or any members here that have this same issue so i can have someone to relate to? I'm freakishly scared by the prospect of disease that i might have by surfing the net, Poland's Syndrome and Winged Scapula are some of my assumption. But i am already verified by my chiropractor that i have mild scoliosis about 18 degrees.

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General Depression :: Difficulty Doing Anything

I am 4 months into my third depression in 30 years and this time along with all the usual symptoms there is a really debilitating problem with doing anything. This is not just demotivation but it feels physical. I will try and explain each activity is made up of individual movements so making a cup of tea involves standing up, walking to the kitchen, picking up the kettle, walking to the tap, turning the tap on, etc, etc. Well, each time one movement ends I have great difficulty moving onto the next one. There appears to be a block which takes huge amounts of willpower to overcome only to be back there again after the next movement. Often I will get so far and then give up. It has got to the point when I can spend all day unable to motivate myself to do anything because things just seem so pointless and hard work. Going to work at the moment is impossible and I am off sick but I now worry about how on earth I am going to go back. I have just been forcing myself until a couple of weeks back when I just gave up and rang in sick. After the initial relief that I could rest, the guilt kicked in and what I'd hoped would be rest is now anxiety riddled. Does anyone have any idea what on earth this troublesome symptom is? It feels like there is lubrication missing in my brain as if it's seized up. It's really horrible.

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Citalopram :: Difficulty To Breathe

After taking citalopram 10mg for 4 weeks started little bit difficult to breathe for 5 days already and everytime i feel pain in heart area. Can it be allergy? i never felt like this before, today i have to rise to 20 mg and im panicking.

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Allergies :: Difficulty To Speak

I have to force much effort to speak sometime because extra spit in my mouth like allergy and my word are out of order and missing.

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