Getting Fat Due To Lack Of Mensuration

Jan 10, 2014

I am 21 years old,and i have a regular menstruation cycle for every 28 days, but the problem is i have mensuration for only one and half days. and also im getting weight abnormally. i think that i have some problem, pls suggest me what should i do?

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Dihydrocodeine :: Why The Lack Of Motivation

I've done a few posts now , been on d for 15 years , my morning are still Sh** even though I take 5 at once. Why the achy stomach and knee and joint pain. I thought you only got that if you tried to wean off.

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Anxiety :: Lack Of Air In My Chest

I'm a 14 yr old girl and recently I'VE been feeling a lack of air in my chest that comes and goes. It's like okay when I'm distracted but right when I stop speaking that "empty feeling" in my chest comes again so I'd have to breathe in deeply to tell myself I'm ok. This happened ever since my asthma /anxiety attack 2 weeks or so ago and I took a blue puffer, but it finished and I'm better now but ever since I stopped this happened,,..

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Getting Red Spots Due To Lack Of Vitamins?

I have been getting spots that I never used to get. My forehead is never smooth anymore, and I have small red spots on my chin. My chin is also red most of the time and its really starting to embarrass me and reduce my confidence.

I wondered if a lack of a Vitamin could be a contributing factor?

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Depression :: Lack Of Energy

I don't know if it's anything to do with my depression, but I have absolutely no energy.  I move so slowly that I look like a 70 year old.  I feel wooly headed and don't fall asleep till at least 4 am every morning.  I'm wasting my life sleeping all day.  My doctor seems really disinterested in things and puts it down to my getting older.  It feels hopeless that I'm doomed to feel like this for the rest of my life.  Has anyone else had this feeling of living in slow motion?

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Diverticula :: Lack Of Iron

could i ask other sufferers of D.D If they are suffering from iron deficiency due to drastic change in their diet ? Due to not eating vegetables and other iron producing foods ,and would it be wise to take an iron supplement?

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Lack Of Sex Causes Inflammation Of The Uterus?

Can lack of sex cause inflammation of the uterus?

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Sexual Health - Men :: Lack Of Precum

I have noticed that I do not get pre cum anymore. When I have an erection and I pull down the foreskin it hurts. And it hurts when I have sex. What is going on?

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Sexual Health Men :: Lack Of Ejactulation

I am 66 and I would guess overweight and I take medication for type 2 diabetes. Lately I feel the need to masturbate and start off, I am erect and I can feel it starting. Then the feeling goes away and I can no longer feel that I will ejaculate and my feeling of wanting to masturbate.

This will even happen when I am with my partner and he tries but again no success.

It is starting to bother me and not sure what is wrong and what I should or could do to change the situation.

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Sexual Health - Men :: Lack Of Feeling During Sex

I recently started having sex with my girlfriend, and when i am inside of her i cant feel anything in my penis. Even when she tugs it i don't have any sensation. When i do it myself myself i feel a little of of pleasure but nothing spectacular. She was a virgin when we first met so it's not a lack of tightness with her.

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Pilonidal Sinus :: Lack Of Healing

I had an operation to remove a pilonidal sinus on 24th july. 5 months on and I don't really feel any better off. I didn't say anything when I first discovered the problem as I didn't think anything of it. I only said something once I found out my brother had the same problem! I must have had the sinus for around 2 years before I had the operation, something which I deeply regret now. The wound was a very deep one and I was expecting it to be a long while before it had fully healed, but not this long! I was told by the nurses about 2 months ago that it was only a few weeks away from being fully healed, but it got infected and has set me back a long way. I have to say I do feel a little let down by the nurses I have been seeing. Fair enough they have a tough job but I have questioned quite a few of their decisions during this recovery period. Surely they should be able to see an infection developing on a nearly recovered wound. The fact I was the one who had to push for antibiotics to cure the problem is worrying. I feel I have been palmed off in other ways too. Since the infection, there seems to be little or no healing, and despite persistence from myself to either see the surgeon again or visit a wound clinic they have been very reluctant to do anything. The inconsistency with the nurses has also been a major concern of mine. One day I will see a nurse who says it's not looking great, and the next, I will see someone who hasn't seen it for months, which gives me no idea of how it's doing.

In the last few weeks, I have discovered a lump at the base of my spine, and looking at information on the internet, I'm pretty sure it's a cyst. The annoying thing is that I have told the nurses 3 times about this lump and they either say they don't think it's anything to worry about or they simply don't know what it is. I need closure on this issue and have booked another appointment with the doctor to get to the bottom of it. (I saw him 3 weeks ago with the nurse and he said the wound was looking ok, and that I should give it another few weeks to see if there has been any improvement). There is also a pretty strong odour which is embarrassing. I've got to do something to try and cure the problem. It's driving me crazy and I can't see an end to the problem right now. I'm going to request either being referred back to the surgeon or to a wound clinic. Have any of you been to wound clinics that you would recommend? What are the processes involved? Are they effective?

This problem has kept me from doing some of the things I love, such as playing football, for almost half a year now and will inevitably be longer. There's only so many jokes you can make about it before the depression and annoyance kicks in. It's really getting me down at the minute. Luckily I'm taking a gap year this year and will be going to uni next year, which will hopefully give me time to recover from this nightmare. (Hopefully being the major word!!)

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Headaches :: Due To Stress And Lack Of Sleep?

I'm 16 and consider myself to be quite healthy. About two weeks ago I started to get headaches that have been constant every day (I still have them now). The pain is quite dull, the pain is not so bad that I can't continue with my daily activities but it's still there. They also come and go. I don't wake up in the middle of the night because of them but I get them constantly throughout the day.

After a week of having these headaches I went to my doctor who suggested it was stress and lack of sleep (I have just started college) but I'm not so sure. He also suggested it could be eye strain and advised me to go get my eyes tested which I am going to soon. I am worried it could be a brain tumor or another serious illness. What do you think?

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Impotence? Lack Of Erection Due To Stress

My boyfriend and I have been together for 8 months now.  The sex (when it happens) is amazing!  However, let me backtrack a bit....Around the same time we got together, he also got a really important promotion at work, adding a ton of additional stress onto his already stressful job. We share an incredible chemistry but sometimes, when it comes down to intercourse, there is either a lack of erection or an erection that isn't cohesive to lovemaking:(  This isn't every time!  But the times it happens, I can't help but feel like its me.  He says its not me, but its only human nature for me to think it is.  I would totally marry this man and start a family!  But....what if this is what lies ahead for us?  Is this worth ending a relationship?  Is there a solution other than quitting his job?

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Thyroid :: Nodule - Lack Of Iodine?

I was diagnosed with 3.6cm nodule and biopsy was done and found to be benign. Since then I have done quite a bit of research on this. I am an extremely healthy person having a very healthy diet and do regular exercise. I have high energy levels and don't feel anything from the nodule. I wonder why I have this in the first place. After all the research, my conclusion is that it may be a result of losing Iodine. I do regular hot yoga and may sweat too much. Anybody has heard of this? Has anybody tried taking Iodine supplement and is it effective?

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Sexual Health :: Lack Of Interest In Sex (21 Years Old)

I am 21 years old male i have losing interest in sex by day by day and my hair also falling i tested for hormone test it found 9.09 ng/ml is the normal range

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Women :: Can Lack Of Sex Cause Pain? Blue Balls?

can females suffer from a form of "blue balls". can lack of sex cause physical pain?

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Sexual Health - Women :: Lack Of Sex Drive

i ' m 39 n my wife is 29. we r married for 5 years. my wife has never had any desire for sex. infact she find it dirty.

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Anxiety :: Lack Of Sensation Or Numbness In Fingers

Recently I've been getting a strange sensation in my fingers that has moved to my toes a bit. I think it's mainly in my fingertips, like a lack of sensation or numbness that's very noticeable when I'm thinking about t like most symptoms. I have seen a few posts from people with these problems that have been counseled. Often my fingers and toes go quite cold too. Maybe it's the fight or flight process the body does when it thinks it's in danger? Or maybe it's the blood vessel restriction from the constant anxiety.

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Acromegaly :: Lack Of Breath Daytime And Nighttime

A friend of mine aged 67 had operation for acromegaly 7 years ago.  Before this he had 5 incidences of not being able to breathe for a few seconds. This week he has had 2 incidences of the same thing.  Has anybody else with acromegaly suffered in this?

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Tranquilizers :: After Psychosis Lack Of Pleasure And Emotionless

well at the end of December 2011, i entered a psychosis that came from my cannabis use. before the psychosis i wasn't the brightest kid or even the most social or happiest, but i knew how to keep myself busy.

So anyway, i was taken into a mental ward for my psychosis and i remained there for 11 weeks. during thins time i was put on the medication risperdal and oxazepam. my psychosis lasted for about 2 months and after i was just left with emptiness. needless to say this was the start of my emotions going blank. in this type of place there a quite an amount of people and it just seems to be polite to talk to one another. However i never felt the need to converse and i was emotionless. i could never find the right words to respond to someone and even now i'm having trouble finding words to type.

after the almost three months in the ward, i was finally released home. shortly after i began see a psychiatrist for medication and status checkups. he took me off oxazepam but kept me on risperdal he informed me that i would have to take the medication for about two years.

anyway, my real reason for being here is i wanted to know if my emotions will ever return after i am taken off the medication. i did some research and some say the emptiness stems from negative symptoms of psychosis, and some say its the effect of the medication. Furthermore i read that some who were taken off the risperdal have yet to return to how they once were. this is very frustrating. I just feel a lack of pleasure and even things that are supposed to bring pleasure, such as smoking cigarettes, are currently doing nothing for me. i don't even get lightheaded from smoking them anymore. i also have no sexual cravings or do i get pleasure from sexual intercourse anymore. i would also like to know how many others are in a similar situation.

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Fibromyalgia Caused By The Lack Of Blood Flow?

Has anyone else considered that a lack of blood flow, either to the joints themselves or the part of the brain that controls pain sensors, may be a cause of the condition? Even before being diagnosed with fibro, my hands and feet have been ice cold year-round (poor circulation/ blood flow).

I started researching this topic and asking my rheumatologist about the possibility after I made a list of the only things that have helped me feel better- learning that each of these activities increases blood flow... massage, yoga, hot tub usage.

My doctor said he thought I was onto something, but there's not a safe medication to prescribe that would increase my blood flow significantly enough to make a difference.

Does anyone else think blood flow is worth looking into further?

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